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Make safe credit card purchases with offline and online Christmas gift shopping. Read our free tips for using your Christmas credit card

Sign your credit card before Christmas shopping.

Treat your credit cards as you would cash. Don't leave them unattended. Report lost or stolen credit cards immediately.

During Christmas cashiers are hurried. Ensure your credit card is returned after every gift purchase.

Don't be victimized by telemarketer fraud during Christmas. Never give your credit card number on the phone unless you initiate the call.

After delivering Christmas gifts and your receipts are no longer needed, shred, tear, or black out account numbers before tossing into the trash.

Close all unused credit card accounts and destroy unwanted cards.

When using a credit card to purchase online Christmas gifts, ensure the merchant has proper security measures. If unsure, order your Christmas gifts online but consider sending a check or money order for payment.

When you buy Christmas gifts, each time you use your credit card; whether for Christmas gifts online or offline, make a record of the date, merchant and amount of charge, then compare with your credit card statements to look for fraudulent charges.

New wallet Christmas gift? If a credit card was carried in a wallet, before tossing the old wallet not only should you ensure removal of the credit card, but also examine the old wallet and destroy "impressions" of the card number in the material.

Remember: it's far safer to carry a credit card with a $5,000 spending limit than to carry $5,000 in cash while Christmas shopping.